A new Windows Terminal now available to download for Windows 10.

A new Windows Terminal for windows 10 – 9jawaves.com

Goods news for developers! Take a look at the image above, wouldn’t it be beautiful to have all these features in on pack? oh how good it feels to finally retire the old cmd Interface and move on to something Nice.

Just as promised, Microsoft made an announcement sometime ago, a new Windows Terminal is going to be available soon and it will be available for download by mid-June. Yea though we are a few days pass mid june but here it is as promised a new Windows Terminal has arrived. I gonna miss my old retiring cmd interface. Me moving from win 7 to win-10 and being welcome by this awesome upgrade, am really grateful for this because it was not easy being stuck on a cmd interface that can only take up half of your screen and if you want it to take up full width then you gotta type some code.

Yea this release is going to be able to compile code using Windows Terminal from the code available on Github. It first begin with unveling of dubbed windows Windows Terminal. Dubbed windows Terminal is designed to be the central location for access to environments like PowerShell, Cmd, and the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

What is even cooler?

The Windows Terminal app is capable of using multiple tab, you able to update your theme, change the background to any background that suit your taste of feel. You will from a Json File be able to tweak the settings that comes with this release of Windows Terminal. There are some guidelines provided by Microsoft to guide you in making deep configuration and key binds in the Json file. Microsoft has made available instructions on how to configure your settings and key binds in the JSON file.

You can use Emoji and text rendering. The Terminal support full GPU-based text rendering and emoji, this was illustrated by Microsoft in a video. The terminal uses glyphs and symbols available on your PC and render text with the use of DirectX.

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