Windows Cannot Be Installed on this disk. GPT TO MBR

Hi! This teaches you how to fix Windows that cannot be installed on this disk. The selected disk is of GPT partition style FIX.

When trying to install new windows, at the point of selecting a partition for installation, you hit this error.

There are a couple of ways to fix this, this article, will teach you how to fix it using a few console commands.

The solution to Windows Cannot Be Installed on this disk

Solution to windows cannot be installed to this disk

Step One: Launch Console

Once you get to this point, press shift + f10 on your keyboard to launch the console.

Press Shft + f10

You may find this article helpful:

Step Two: Formatting and Converting the selected disk to MBR.

Pressing Shift + f10 will launch the console, from here

  • Type diskpart and hit enter
  • Type list disk and hit enter
  • Type select disk 1 (Replace 1 with the disk you want to install windows)
  • Type Clean (Note. This will erase everything in your drive and cannot be recovered, proceed with caution).
  • Type convert MBR (This will convert the disk from GPT as indicated above with the asterisk to MBR.
  • Type exit to exit from diskpart
  • Type exit again to exit console.

Step Three: Continuing with the rest of the process

After exiting the console, the message will still be there, Turn off your PC and restart the formatting process, this time you will no longer see this error message.

Congratulations you made it this far.

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