Windows 10 Professional Icon Packs

grammy win 10 professional icons pack

Are you not tired of that old granny Icon thumbnail on your computer? well if you’re not, I am. Join me on a journey to unravel the secrets of turning your windows 10 icons into something more appealing, these 7 windows 10 Icon packs is all you need to turn your computer into a machine your pals will be so jealous of, give your desktop a unique look, and stand out in the crowd.

There are hundreds or thousands of Icon packs available for download, the problem is, how do you tell the good ones from the bad ones, and as you may already know, not everything on the internet can be trusted, some may contain virus. The following Icon pack have been scanned and can be trusted but you should also run a quick scan with your antivirus.

1. Movie Mega Pack – win 10 Professional Icon Pack

Movie mega pack - win 1- professional icon pack

This one is for the movie geeks, it contains a total of 400+ icons from popular movies of all time. I personally love movies, so I always find myself falling back to this particular theme.

The Plex app already have all of these icons, so there is no need downloading this pack if you already have the app installed, but if you dont, then go get this pack right away, you will love them.

2. Gamy Vintage Social Icons

Gamy Vintage Social icons for win 10 professional Icons pack

The Gamy Vintage Social Icons made up of 37 icons will give your computer an outstanding look. It turns your computer into a retro parchment paper design.

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3. Animals Icons

Animal icons for win 10 professional icons pack

Just as the name, here comes a collection of animal icons pack, this icon in my opinion appear childish but who cares? in as much as it adds a unique style to your windows and gives it that personal feel. My younger brother likes this icons set so much and if you have a child, I bet he or she will love this icons set of win 10 professional icons pack.

4. Flat Color W10 IconPack

This set of professional icons tag Flat Colour is more centered on having a unique color all through your computer, its design cues from Windows 10’s Fluent Design, but flattens out the colors and homogenizes the design. For folders, the designer has used the same basic design with a content-specific icon laid over the top. There are also unique icons explicitly for music, video, and picture files.

Icons are in the ICO format. You just need to make the desired alterations in each file or folder’s Customization tab, as detailed earlier.

5. Anime Summer 2017

The Anime summer 2017 is a pack for your folders, it will change the looks of your folders, giving your windows that beautiful and colorful design pattern. The icons are specifically designed to display some of the most popular anime shows from the last few years. The pack includes Konbini Kareshi, Ballroom e Youkoso, Isekai Shokudou, and Owarimonogatari.orful look.

6. RocketTheme Christmas Icons

And here comes one for the Christmas holidays. Whatever is your taste, there is a theme here for you.

7. Socialmedia Icons

If all of the above icons set did not meet your type, then try this socialmedia professioinal win 10 icon pack. The Socialmedia Icons pack provides ICO files for the most common social networks logos and web-based businesses.

You will find icons for Google Drive, Facebook, Digg, Amazon, Creative Commons, Soundcloud, Apple, Ask, and many more. In total, there are 100 icons in the pack.

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