In recent time you will agree with me that google captchas are getting so difficult to pass.


Google’s continuous requests to prove “I’m human” is no longer pleasant as it used to be, but it is beginning to feel increasingly annoying. The usual happy perfect button with caption “I’m not a robot” followed by demand to prove it by choosing several images from a list of grid images presented, usually traffic lights, store fronts, fire hydrant or crosswalks is now the trouble giving button with blurred images of traffic lights, distant foliage, simple crosswalks now warped and store front being blurry and almost not recognizable. You are now left with no choice but to struggle at it until you are able to get it right.

These tests validation is aim are telling human from computers to prevent hackers from gaining access to vital information. The word CAPTCHA, is an acronym for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.

In other to stay ahead of optical character recognition programs, google has come to this conclusion, and that’s why passing a captcha’s has become this difficult. Before now (at the early days of 2000s) using simple images and text were enough to tell humans apart from robot but as time pass by, technology has improve significantly and spambots are able to recognize this simple images and text in as much as any human would. A test carried at in 2004 shows that this spambots recognise this simple images and text at 80% accuracy and humans at 65% accuracy. Yes bots are getting smarter but that doesnot mean humans are getting dumb.


With the fast growing technology Google then introduce the NoCaptcha ReCaptcha, at December 3, 2014 , this particular version works a bit differently.

Why is google captcha becoming difficult

It observes user data and behavior. sometimes you can easily pass through with a click of the “I’m not a robot” button, while most times you are presented with the grid image pattern we see today. But even at this, the machines are once again catching up. The race goes on between humanity and machines.

As noted by verge.com None of this 1test will ever be a 100% success because CAPTCHA is such an elegant tool for training AI, any given test could only ever be temporary.

something its inventors acknowledged at the outset. With all those researchers, scammers, and ordinary humans solving billions of puzzles just at the threshold of what AI can do, at some point the machines were going to pass us by. In 2014, Google pitted one of its machine learning algorithms against humans in solving the most distorted text CAPTCHAs: the computer got the test right 99.8 percent of the time, while the humans got a mere 33 percent.

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