What to consider when starting a YouTube channel

In this 21st century, there are endless opportunities to make money from the comfort of your home. From being an influencer to running running a blog like this one, creating and uploading contents to youtube etc.

If you decide to create a channel and generate income here is what to consider when starting a YouTube channel. Don’t dive in blindly, read this article to the end to know how to build a successful Youtube Channel.

1. What inspires you to start up a channel?

This is the very first factor to look into closely, it is the bedrock of a solid YouTube foundation that set’s you up for success.

Ask yourself the WHAT, WHO AND WHY question, that is

  • WHAT are my videos about? this can be anything from teaching, sharing ideas in the form of short movies, comedy, music etc. find something you’re passionate about.
  • WHO are my target audience? who is going to watch my videos, is it meant for kids, adults, family, lovers, etc.
  • WHY should viewers watch my video instead? there are a thousand videos on YouTube in the same category as the once you’re going to make, so tell me why should a viewer pick your video instead?

Take sleettech YouTube channel as an example, Our videos talk on gadget reviews and tech tutorials (what) intended for people who want to step up their tech skills (who), and we put in valuable time to make sure that viewers understand our teachings even if you’re a newbie (why).

Among other steps, step one is the most important of them all. If its going to take you 7 days to figure out the WHAT WHO and WHY of your channel, take your time and get it right.

2. Take the Time to setup your profile:

The moment you’ve decide on WHAT WHO and WHY of your channel, the next move is to setup your channel, this is called branding. Take the time to do the following

  1. Design a logo for your videos (optional) a profile picture will do in many cases
  2. Design a banner. This is mandatory. Hire a professional to do your banner that will fit well on desktop and mobile version. YouTube’s Recommended Banner Size is 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. Note, your logo and banner is your brand identity.
  3. Use consistent format: Stick with a format that works for you, starting from the titles of your video. A good a example is writing your channel name followed by the title of the video or vice versa
Take the Time to setup your profile

4. Design a catchy thumbnail for your video:

Don’t leave this choice to YouTube. Make sure you design a suitable cover for each of your videos. This will help them stand out among other videos in a search return and also plays a big role on how people decide if your vide is right for them.

5. Minimum requirement to startup a YouTube Channel

The goal is to succeed, and to achieve this, you’ll also need to acquire some essential equipment for creating high-quality videos. Hey! I know film making equipment are very expensive, but you don’t have to go for expensive gadgets to make YouTube video, these YouTube equipment are not expensive.

At the very basic, you’ll want to have:

  • Camera: Did your heart just jump at the mention a camera? Before you drop hundreds of dollars on a DSLR or mirrorless camera, know that a high-quality webcam or your smartphone is good to start. Save the high-end cameras for the future.
  • Tripod: I am sure you don’t want shaky videos, nobody loves unstable videos, so therefore, you’ll want a tripod to hold it up and keep it steady.
  • Microphone: Your phone can record I know but the recording will be very bad, even though you can hear what you’re saying, you must admit it that the audio recorders that comes with your cameras are not good for YouTube. Record your audio separately with an external microphone afterwards, mix it with the video on post production.
  • Green Screen: A green screen is necessary if you want to change the background in your videos. While an actual green screen kit could cost upwards of $50, you can use a literal green sheet or DIY one with a white sheet dyed green.
  • Screen Capture Software: If you’re going to be teaching online, you probably need a green screen to capture your screen, such as Excel video tutorials or PC gameplay. I highly recommend OBS Studio, which is free and can record your screen as an MP4 video file.


Being a successful YouTuber is not easy but also not impossible, it takes time so be patient, gradually with time, viewers will begin to trust your content.

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