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10 Ways to Increase Instagram Followers

You’ve spent so much time trying to get legit followers on Instagram, and in the long run, you’ve made many mistakes, the same mistakes I made and spent weeks trying to correct. In this article, I will share with you 10 Ways to Increase Instagram Followers, it’s not a hack or magic, so don’t think we’re going to invite Merlin to grow our Instagram accounts. These are 10 Legit ways that will boost your account from 0 to millions.

Definitely, you don’t plan to be one of the many Instagram users who end up subscribing for fake friends/followers when the best way to increase your Instagram is by following the steps below.

We’ve received many great testimonies from our readers who have tried these methods and testify how fast the methods/steps works.

Enough talking, follow these steps below to skyrock your account to a million followers in less than a month:

1. Improve your Instagram account

The first and most important thing to note and correct is your bio. Without a bio, image captions, a unique username and profile image, how will people identify that the account belongs to you or your brand?

Unless you’re a ghost (that I cannot convince myself they exist) you should take out time to update the above-mentioned info, else you definitely are going to be stuck on 100 followers.

It might seem unimportant, but on Instagram and many other social media, your bio, image, and username help form the importance of your Instagram account.

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2. Avoid Random Posting

One of the constraint of increased Instagram followers is not keeping a consistent content calendar, that is posting at random time not specifying the your posting time.

Posting content at random is the worst thing you can do when trying to get followers on Instagram. If you already have followers, They might end up forgetting they followed you in the first place. So to avoid this, keep a regular posting schedule.

3. Write your posts in advance

In other to keep to number two above, always write your post in advance to avoid failure of posting at the schedule time. Also, writing your post in advance also helps you to note down mistakes and typical errors.

4. Pick a Particular topic for each week

Instagram users mostly follows a trending topic so if you are a source to any trending topic, thousands of users will follow you to keep up with the trending news.

For example; the trending topic as of 2019 October 20th was the killing of our brave Nigeria youth (Rest In Peace Heroes). If you were among the first users to post about the topic, you tend to get followed by people who picks interest in the topic.

5.  Avoid using fake Instagram followers

As tempting as it looks, using fake Instagram followers reduces your chances of getting real followers. Its better to create your Instagram on trust than drawing attentions towards a fake account.

An inactive account with thousands of followers takes a turn at your real followers so avoiding fake followers increases your chances of getting real ones.

6. Promo your Instagram everywhere

Your Instagram account wont be found easily except its well promoted, linking your Insta account with other social media account helps to increase your publicity. post your Instagram handle in your other accounts to draw revenue towards the account.

7. Post important and Creative contents

Your creativity matters a lot, so posting creative stuffs draws attention towards your account. Examples of such creative stuffs are;

  1. Funny jokes/comedies
  2. Trending musics/video
  3. Inspirational quotes
  4. Nice pictures etc.

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