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Vuejs gotcha – Find the error

Your journey with VueJs could be a lot easier if only you can learn to write fewer errors and more reliable code. Unfortunately, errors are unavoidable when programming, even if you adopt the method of “Make it work – Refactor it – And make it work again”, you still will fall into this error or the other which in turn slows you down and cause your coding experience bad. To avoid this. In this article, I will share with you many pit holes that new developers usually fall into while learning Vuejs. Vuejs gotcha – Find the error.

Case Sensitive Error – Vuejs gotcha

I have at many times fall into this error, let’s see if you can find the error in this picture.

error declare global variable in Vuejs Case Sensitive Error

Were you able to find the error from the image above? let us know using the comment section below, now let’s discuss it.

The error from the code above is with the keyword “Window”, it should begin with a small letter w (lowercase).

Checkout vue documentation here for componenet communication

Example Two: Property Case Sensitive Error


I will live this to you to figure out the error. If you find it, comment below. Goodluck. Share with us your experience in the comment section and we shall include it here.

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