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How to Create a Server on Vultr or Digital Ocean. Ubuntu 22.04


Thinking of deploying a new server, this is the right article for you, this tutorial on Ubuntu 20.04 server deployment and initial setup will guide you through creating an account on Digital Ocean or Vultr, deploying a new server and performing the necessary server configuration.

I have been using Vultr and Digital Ocean for years and they offer quality service you can count on. Presently, many of the sites I work on are hosted on Vultr. Vultr provides 24hr/7 days customer support right within the dashboard and that’s a win for me. Here’s a short review I wrote on Vultr

Step 1 – Creating an account with Vultr

Now is the right time to set up an account with Vultr, they offer a $100 free deposit upon making your first deposit. follow these steps to create an account on Vultr.

  • Click Here to create an account
  • Enter your email address and password
  • Proceed by following the onscreen instructions
  • Link your credit card to your new Vultr account
  • Make your first deposit of $10 or $20.

Step 2 – Deploying a new Server on Vultr

Once log in, click on Products

Deploying a new server on vultr

Next click the Plus Sign to the right of the screen

Choose Server on Vultr

Vultr offers different categories of servers which include

High Frequency: Offers high speed and performance. it is powered by 3+ Ghz processors and blazing fast NVME storage, this is the newest plan offered by Vultr. The extra speed and performance come at a higher fee of $1 compare to Cloud Compute.

Cloud Compute: is offered at $5 dollar, which is $1 less than High Frequency. Cloud Compute has been around for a long time and performs very fine with high speed. However High Frequency performs better. Here is a comparison from

Server Comparison

Pick either High-Frequency Server or Cloud Compute, either of the two is good for WordPress hosting.

Server Location

Pick a location of your choice, making sure your server is close to your visitors is essential, if you anticipate most of your traffic to come from Singapore, then you should pick Singapore. A server location is the physical location of the data centre where your website is hosted.

Server Type

Our WordPress Site will be hosted on a 64bit OS Ubuntu 22.04 Server, Select 64-bit OS and pick Ubuntu 22.04.

Selecting an OS for ubuntu

Server Size

$6/Month is more than enough to host two WordPress sites, however, if you feel the website will experience heavy traffic, then you should go for a $12/Month Plan. It offers more ram and space.

Additional Features

In this section turn on Enable Auto Backups, this will cost an extra $2.40/Month if you went for the $12/Month plan. This feature will keep a backup of your site and should anything go wrong, you can always restore your site back.

SSH Keys

Select an ssh key to be added to your server, if you don’t have any ssh keys added yet, you should do so before returning to create this server.

To deploy an SSH key follow this guide by vultr

Lastly, Enter a Server Hostname & Label to identify your server among others.

Click on Deploy

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