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Tips to become a good developer

You want to be a good developer? Ok here is what you need to do. Follow these tips to become a good developer

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Find a mentor:

You need a mentor, yes you do. If finance is not a big deal for you, then try teamtreehouse or Linda which is now known as LinkedIn learning. Alternatively, if finance is a concern, then follow up with any youtube mentor you’re okay with. What you have to do is watch a few of his/her videos and decide if you’re okay with the teaching pattern.

Another alternative source is to purchase courses on udemy. A platform that offers you the privileges to pay a one-time price for any course you want to enrol for. Now I must warn you if you’re just starting out in your journey without any prior experience coding, you should enrol to team treehouse or Linda, for reason been that you will build a stronger foundation here.

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Be a mentor

I will start by saying, the best way to understand something is to teach someone. We all go through this phase of thinking “I am not good enough to teach someone” and you may be correct if you’re just starting out with coding but if you think you understand up to 60% of a particular topic, then the best way to know the rest of the 40% is by teaching someone. By so doing you get to answer questions that are asked by students, practice together with students and help them fix bugs.

Learn the art of googling

After years of coding, one thing I have come to master so well is knowing how to pick the right links on the google search result page. Do not make it a habit to always run to Q&A forums to drop your question and then you sit back and wait for others to do your homework. Before you place a complaint on any forum, first of all, start with googling, you can copy your error code and paste it into google (It is common with developers to Highlight the error code, Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V on google). When you do this, chances are: someone has this same issue and the answer is on StackOverflow.

Learn art of reading code

The fastest way to get good at programming is to read other people’s code and try to improve on it. There are a thousand ways to solve the same problem and by reading other developers code you learn new ways to resolve old issues

Say No to unwanted meetings

Meetings are a way of life in company culture, but not all of them are necessary. You can buy more time for yourself by avoiding unwanted meetings.

Pair programming

If you’ve not tried this before then do it now, it’s a great experience to remember. Find someone within your niche and build something great together. Tips to become a good developer

Contribute towards Dev community

This is a place to share your code, ideas, stay up-to-date and grow your career. Join any Dev community and contribute positively. By so doing you will improve drastically.

Stay humble

There is absolutely no gain to brag about your code or play arrogant to those who are ahead or below you. Any place you find yourself, whether in a forum or live conference, always stay humble


And the last but not the least, Debug. Learn to debug your own code and then learn to debug other developers code. A place like StackOverflow and has plenty of activities. New developers – highly experienced developers ask questions daily and also provide answers to other questions. You need to always take out some time out of your daily schedules to debug some code written by others and help them get going.


All of what I have discussed above contribute to what has made me a good developer today. If you practice these few technique discuss here, you’ll definitely improve over time but a lot faster.

Also add your choice tip to become a good developer using the connect with provided below.

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