Three Key Solution to Fix an Overheating Laptop

Over heating is a general problem affecting laptop users. Here are some ways to solve and prevent over heating in your PC

Your PC execute extremely high processing command and storage in a very little time. This progress is fast, reliable and efficient but it comes at a cost, which is excess heat.

Over heating is one of the greatest threat to your laptop because It can cause hardware failure, permanent damage and system crash

How to know if your PC is over heating

One of the best and efficient way to find out if your PC is over heating is by downloading and using a software tool sure as HWMonitor.

Using the HWMonitor, the picture below shows the view of am overheating.

How to Stop or Prevent Overheating on Your Laptop

A lot of steps can cure overheating in your PC, but today we will be outlining the most effective three.

1. Fix Your PC Internal Cooling

The first step to take when your PC starts overheating is to clean the fan which provides cooling to the CPU and Graphics card. overheating doesn’t just start out of the blue, there are build up layers of dust and dirt which over time blocks the free passage of air from the fan to the CPU causing overheating. so fixing your fan every now and then helps to prevent overheating.

2. Always Keep Your PC on a Hard and Flat Surface

Your PC has gaps and ventilation pots for the free flow of air, but when the PC is being placed on soft and unstable surface the ventilation pots are block there by causing overheating. So its preferable to always place your PC on a hard and flat surface for easy flow of air.

3. Purchase a PC Cooler or Cooling Device

Lastly, purchase a laptop cooling device which can help keep your PC cool and away from danger. There are a lot of cooling devices in the market, so pick the one affordable by you and you are good to go.

Example of a PC cooling device is shown below

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