The Roku Channel Is Now Available On Amazon Fire TV

We are indeed happy to break this news to you that you can now access Roku Channel from your Amazon Fire TV device. Keep reading to know more.

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What’s The Roku Channel?

In a nutshell, the Roku Channel is a platform offering hundreds and thousands of worth paying content for free and it has a lot of followers including me.

The channel started in 2017 and has remained a free ad-supported service. If gives you access to thousands of trending movies and TV shows. What’s your best Hollywood movie? I guarantee you will find it streaming on Roku Channel someday.

Not only does this channel offers access to movies and TV Shows, it also let you watch, Live TV News from popular networks like Fupo Sports, Reuters and USA today.

As at the time of this writing, the Roku Channel stream to over 43 Million Us citizens, the source of this information can be reached at the Roku blog,

How To Watch The Roku Channel On Amazon Fire TV

Roku Channel On Amazon Fire TV

One sure way to watch the Roku channel is via its Roku’s own devices, and now it is made available on Amazon fire TV which also includes its streaming deviceds and smart TVs.

There are a couple of ways you can find the Roku channel at ease, one method is to take advantage Alexa support by saying “Alexa, find the Roku Channel app” and Alexa takes care of the job for you.

Nevertheless you can with eash search for it from the top navigation bar or get it from Amazon’s Website.

Speaking to Variety, Sandeep Gupta, VP of Amazon Fire TV, said:

We are excited that the Roku Channel is now available for all our millions of Amazon Fire TV customers in the U.S. We’ve always strived to have a broad selection of content on Fire TV, and believe this is a great addition that all our customers will enjoy.

What’s Next For The Roku Channel?

Considering Roku has its own streaming devices, you might think it odd that it would place its app on a competitor’s service—especially since Amazon Prime Video is available on Roku.

However, Roku want to get as many people in its ecosystem as possible. It makes nearly all of its revenue from ad sales and subscriptions. People watching The Roku Channel via Amazon Fire TV devices is only going to be a good thing.

Roku is also working on an Android and iOS app that will be available later this year.

Of course, the company isn’t neglecting its own platform. It recently secured NBCUniversal’s Peacock on Roku.

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