The latest Xiaomi Charging Tech Permits charging of phones wirelessly!!!

All that’s needed to be done is to be within the “Mi Air Charger” vicinity, and this latest Xiaomi wireless charger will handle the rest.

Xiaomi recently unveiled its latest technology, as concerning phone charging. This new Mi Air Charge technology doesn’t require pads or cables in order for you to charge your phone. It is by far the most advanced form of the wireless charging technology, although other companies had adopted this form earlier.

There’s limitations to the charging capacity of this latest technology though. You’ll have to be within a few metres from the charging base. Charging of the phone cannot be interrupted by materials, one can even stay from the other side of the room to charge their phones, as long as their within the same vicinity as the charging base. Isn’t that beautiful?

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The latest xiaomi charging tech

The charging technology possesses five (5) phase interference antennas built right inside it for the sole purpose of detecting and latching onto a smartphone. It also possesses 144 antennas which do the work of transmitting concentrated millimetre waves to the phone for it to get charged successfully.

Other phones also possesses this pattern of wireless charging, which in theory is also as fast as wired charging.

Nevertheless, wired charging is still considered more user-friendly and elegant than its wireless counterparts – there are definitely disadvantages to this wireless kind of charging which may include (but not limited to) limited functionality, heat energy loss etc.

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