The Dawn of Microsoft windows 11 – what to expect

Microsoft officially announces the release of Windows 11, Windows 11 comes with tons of new new features and promises to be great.

It brings with it several improvements, including a redesigned UI, updated window management features, and even support for Android applications.

Will Windows 11 be better than windows 10?

Right now we can’t tell but here is how the chains go; Windows XP was great, windows vista was trash, windows 7 was superb, and windows 8 again was trash, windows 10 is super cool and windows eleven… let’s wait until it arrives.

We hope for windows 11to break the chain and provides us with something tangible, and far better than windows 10.

Here is a short video from Microsoft

What to expect in Windows 11

As outline on the Microsoft Windows 11 page, windows 11 will come with the following features

Support for Android App

Even though Microsoft comes with tons of new features and improvements, the biggest of all is its support for Android App. To rephrase the statement, windows 11 will be supporting Android apps and you can now play your favourite game right on your PC.

New Start Menu

You probably have guessed this one out, after all, windows come with a new start menu design and windows 11 should not be an exception. The new Windows 11 comes with a new start menu design as seen in the photo below

Microsoft Windows 11 Start Menu

As you can already see in the image above, the new start menu is now centered, (you can move it back to the left if you want to). It has a new design and now features a recently used app section and recommended apps just below it.

Snap Layouts, Snap Groups and Desktop

Windows 11 makes it easy to arrange multiple windows quickly around your desktop. It will also remember this layout so it can be carried over when moving between monitors.

Microsoft Teams app 

Microsoft Teams has been around for a while, but now it is coming down to windows 11, which means better and faster communication among family and friends.

Microsoft windows 11 features Microsoft Teams


Windows 11 features a widget section, just as seen in Android and a few other OS. You can now swipe left to access the widgets section in windows 11.

Support for touchscreen devices

The Windows 11 OS auto adapts to fit your needs, it changes layout when you have moved to a tablet mode, although this feature has been around in Windows 10, but has been drastically improved on. Voice and text typing have also been improved, with a new one-handed keyboard. Those using a stylus will also get haptic feedback with select pen models.

Auto HDR feature from its Xbox Series consoles

This will enable HDR output even from games that don’t feature HDR. Another feature designed for the Xbox consoles and now coming to PC is DirectStorage, which takes advantage of modern NVMe SSD storage and speeds up game load times significantly.

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