The Idea of tech watches and smartwatch is not new, we are in the 21st century and this technology has been on for a couple of decades, we know what smartwatches are good at and things they are bad at, but it will surprise you how much more these watches have improve significantly in the short while. If you are planning to get a new watch, be it your first time to get a smartwatch or just look retire your old watch with a better one and are curious about this watches, wondering which one you should go for, then read on as we will discuss our top pick on which smartwatch you should pick for iPhone users and Android users. Although at the end which one you pick is best known to you and depends on the brand of phone you are using, this post will definitely give you a hint on which one you should set your mind for.


For users with iPhone, as at the time of writing this post 2019, Apple’s Series 4 Watch is your best option available. The apple watch comes preloaded with cool stuffs that will interest you, it has a large screen, the screen is daylight optimize, it is comfortable, offer fast performance and the battery does last long before the red warning shows up. the watch is capable of tracking your fitness and health-related concern.

With this watch you can at a glance and in seconds check your phone’s notifications, reply messages faster than you would with your phone and it\s a great tool for controlling your music player. You can also purchase things directly from the Apple Pay without your wallet of phone. Great choice for workout purposes and has a GPS setup for easy tracking. The watch comes packed with all of the features you would expect in a smartphone.

Its battery’s durability is undoubtedly strong but it also depends on the watch usability, i.e. how many messages you receive, how often you turn on the display of this watch and how much of fitness tracking you do.

Despite its marvelous features, the apple watch is still bad at being an actual time keeping device. well as the old adage goes, nothing is 100% good. and regardless of this setback, the smartwatch is still the best choice for iPhone users at 2019.


If you’ve got an Android phone, the Apple Watch won’t work at all, and the best option here is Samsung’s Galaxy Watch. The Galaxy Watch does work with both iPhones and Android devices, but it’s best with an Android phone, and specifically, one made by Samsung.

The Galaxy Watch has most all of the features you’d expect on a modern smartwatch: GPS, touchscreen, multi-day battery life, voice control, mobile payments, and heart rate monitoring. It has a circular face that’s easy to read indoors and out, and has a very useful always-on mode that makes it easy to see the time at a glance.

The best part of the Galaxy Watch is its rotating bezel, which is a very natural and simple way to glide through the software interface. Like the Apple Watch Series 4, the Galaxy Watch has no trouble lasting an entire day between charges, and will sometimes stretch into multiple days depending on your use.THE BEST PART OF THE GALAXY WATCH IS ITS ROTATING BEZEL

Where the Galaxy Watch falls short is in its third-party app support and reliance on Samsung software and services. There just aren’t very many third-party apps available for it, and the third-party watchfaces, though plentiful, aren’t very good. If you use the Galaxy Watch with a phone that’s not made by Samsung, you’ll also have to install numerous apps on your phone to enable all of its features, which is annoying.

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