The beast has been unleased – Alienware’s Area-51m Is a Gaming Monster.

Unleashing of the beast 2019, The perfect choice of its kind. Quite expensive but cost effective.

Gaming Laptop review sleettech

If you are looking for a PC for heavy duty then this product will make a good choice. with its 17.3 display, It is best known for excellent visuals, supper fast speed, there won’t be any need for Ctrl + Alt + Del as a result of system freeze.

Among the top 10 Alienware previously produced, the Area-51m released this 2019 presently ranks #1 on the list. The Area-51m “laptop” is a great choice, it is gigantic, expensive, and will definitely grab the attention of anyone at first look, so are you a Rockstar swilling gamer? go for this made.

With all its promising features, the particular made addresses some problems posed from previous made, which makes it stand out great.


In a summary;

  • It’s fast.
  • It’s outrageously expensive.
  • If your plan is specifically to purchase for games, then have it in mind you are gonna need some sort of power supply.
  • Think of it as a fancy desktop, and it’s much easier to like.
  • Do not expect good battery life, and customizing the lighting can be annoying.

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