Stranger Things 4 trailer teases the return of a missing friend

Guess who we have here on Stranger Things 4, Okay before I go on to reveal the name, Please note Spoiler Alert – proceed with caution.

Netflix has drop today the first trailer for the movie Stranger Things and it features your favorite character, maybe not but he is one of the key play in the movie. So guess who.. you probably may have guess wrong. Its Chief Jim Hopper (David Harbour), he is back, even after appearing to have perished in an extradimensional portal. hmm you probably may have guessed right from the post-credit sequence in the final episode of the third season. Stranger Things 4

So how did Hopper survive? Big question huh, lets hear what The Verge has to say

“Presumably, Hopper’s survival has to do with the latest supernatural meddling in the Upside Down, given that the Russians were previously shown to have a captive Demogorgon monster.”

As at the time of this writing, we cannot tell when this series will be out but we are sure there it should be out any time soon. For the mean time, enjoy the trailer.

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