Solution – The guest machine entered an invalid state

I very often run into this error each time I have to move to a new PC and thereby set it up to run Homestead, and in the long run, I have learned to quickly and easily resolve this problem, using the simple methods discuss below. If you’ve come across this error of The guest machine entered an invalid state and it happens to be your first, then you should know that it is challenging and time-consuming to resolve and get back to coding. But then, this is now in the past because the solutions I have shared here had always worked for me and should work for you too.

Solution – The guest machine entered an invalid state

Solution One: Delete Corrupt Files

NB: Replace USERNAME with your PC username.

The first thing to try is to visit this directory C:\Users\USERNAME.vagrant.d and delete these two files (1) insecure_private_key (2) setup_version and try running vagrant up to see if this fix your problem else proceed with the steps provided below.

This is our first fix for The guest machine entered an invalid state. In my experience, these files can become corrupt over time and cause a headache for your machine, sometimes as a result of not properly shutting down your VM. Follow these procedures below:

  • Locate this folder VirtualBox VMs on your machine, in my case, it is located in C:\Users\USERNAME\VirtualBox VMs Open this folder and delete everything you find there.
  • Again locate this folder. VirtualBox on your machine, C:\Users\USERNAME.VirtualBox Open it and delete everything you find there.
  • Open your VM, in my case I am using Virtual Box so I will open Oracle VM VirtualBox. (Its an application installed in your machine), Once Open, Remove the guest machine (Homestead).
The guest machine entered an invalid state

That’s it, return to your console and run vagrant up or vagrant reload –provision, This will re-import Homestead and your problem should be fixed.

If this solution resolves your problem and you don’t wish to face this error as a result of corrupt files again, always run vagrant halt and properly shut down your machine.

Solution Two: Improper Configuration of Homestead.yaml

As common as this may seem, it is one of the common reasons for this error. At first setup or if I have just tampered with my Homestead.yaml, then, I am expecting to hit this error or some other error.

The Homestead.yaml file is very sensitive and the slightest error can stop your machine from booting up. Let see some common misconfiguration that can lead to The guest machine entered an invalid state.

  1. A folder configuration that points to a folder that does not actually exist.

To resolve this issue, cross-check your folders and site configuration and be sure these folders actually exist and in the right location.

If you’re on windows, please use this method instead

map: c:/Laravel_Projects note the small letter for drive. Dont use C: instead use c:

If you’re not sure how to set up this file, visit or drop a question on S-Techmax Forum There are plenty of folks waiting to offer a helping hand.

2. Generate your SSH key

If you look back to line 6 or 7, you can see that the file is trying to access your SSH keys, if you’ve not generated one yet, then you need to do so.

3. Cross Check you ip:

Cross-check you Ip address and be sure it matches this ip: “” including the quoates.

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