See the Top 10 Tallest buildings in Lagos Nigeria.

Nigeria, an African country on the Gulf of Guinea, has many natural landmarks and wildlife reserves. Nigeria is not only blessed with natural resources, it is also blessed with beauty. On this page, we are going to share with you, the Ten (10) Tallest Building you can find in Lagos Nigeria. Top 10 Tallest building and skyscrapers in Lagos Nigeria

Lagos is said to be Nigeria’s largest city and the most populous state, with a population ranging from 17.5 million and still counting.

Let me use this two-line paragraph to acknowledge Steven Ndukwu a YouTuber & content creator who made out time to go out and take video records of these buildings.

Without any more talking, let’s see the Tallest building and skyscrapers in Lagos Nigeria.

10. Former CBN Headquarters Nigeria

CBN Headquarters Abuja

The former building, made for the Central Bank of Nigeria made it to the 10th position among the top ten tallest buildings in Lagos. This building use to be the headquarters for the Nigeria Central Bank. The building is situated at Marina CMS. The building is 300 feet tall and it is made up of 19 stories.

9. UBA House

United Bank of Africa House

This 21-story skyscraper of about 260 feet tall comes number 9 in the table of top tallest buildings in Lagos. The building houses one of Nigeria’s Reputable banks, The United Bank of Africa.

The building is made up into several sections, it has in it office spaces, restaurants etc.

8. Intercontinental Hotel

Intercontinental Hotel

This Building in Lagos with about 22 stories and is about 344 feet tall, the Lagos Intercontinental Hotel Brand was founded in 1946 as a subsidiary of Japan American wall airways, as of March 2020 there were about 213 intercontinental hotels covering about 71,431 rooms. The building does not only come 8 in the table, it also is one of the finest skyscrapers in Lagos. Filmmakers and music artists use this place a lot for their job. The surrounding where this building is located has a lot of other buildings, beautiful buildings, but The Intercontinental Hotel stands out among them due to its design structure. If you will love to pay a visit to this Hotel, then you can find it here. 52a Kofo Abayomi St, Victoria Island 101241, Lagos.

7. Independent House

Independent House Hotels

The seventh tallest building in Lagos is the independent house the independent house is a 25 story 336 feet tall office building this long-time edifice is located on the west of Tafawa Balewa squareOnikan Lagos CMS. The independent house was completed in 1960 by gccpa, the project was actually commissioned by the British Government as a testimonial to and as a goodwill to support Nigerian independence.

6. Echo Court

echo court image

The sixth tallest building on the table goes to the Echo Court. This is a notable building at the heart of Victoria Island. The building can be easily spotted and distinguished from other buildings around due to its height and beauty. Talking of beauty, it doesn’t have fancy designs and it’s not the most beautiful on Victoria Island, but it is well known for its height. The Echo Court is located in the residential area of the Irland. It is made up of 24 stories and has a height of 289 feet. The building is very close to the Intercontinental Hotel. And the two together in this location makes the region a place anyone would love to visit. There are about three of the same type of building as you can see in the image above, so just a side note the cost of renting a two-bedroom here costs around 3.5 million to 4 million naira this building is actually occupied by mostly white-collar you know citizens.

5. Kuramo Court

Kuramo Court Building

The Kuramo beach is the fifth tallest building in Lagos, this project is a newly built residential 25 story building occupying approximately 40 000 square meters this was constructed by ICB Limited Nigeria, this property is located on the popular Ademola at the Kotombo street in between a hotel and a cool Atlantic koramo beach residence is a table of luxury and simplicity with state of art facility like swimming pool long Chinese court gymnastics etc the Kurama beach residence is designed for the high-class executive negotiators with absolute luxury the finishing of this development is state of the art with carefully selected materials.

4. Eco Tower II

Eco Tower II

The fourth-tallest building in Lagos is the eco tower ii now the ecotour ii is the tallest building in victoria island and the top tallest beauty in Lagos this building features about 27 floors about 118 meters tall and was completed in the year 2016 by itb Nigeria limited this particular company has built most of the scrapers you see in Lagos there’s a basement there’s a ground floor there’s an underground car park there’s an emergency needs centre there’s a restaurant there’s a conference room healthcare club, there’s a technical zone and there are also staff rooms the echo tower too adds colour and beauty to the victoria island landscape.

3. Union Bank Tower

Union Bank Tower

The union bank headquarters is the third tallest building in Lagos featuring a 26-degree building and about 407 feet tall this building is located in marina cms I was completed in 1991 by ccm international just a side note marina cms actually houses about 70 of the tallest beauty in Lagos as of today.

2. Netcom Health Formerly Intel Towers

Netcom Health Formerly Intel Towers

The second tallest building in Lagos is the Netcom health formerly intel towers. This is the skyscraper located in cms Lagos this is a 32 story 521-meter tall building and was completed in the year 1979. This building houses the headquarters of intel the communications pair at the top of the tower set as a lighthouse beacon for Lagos harbour. This building was the tallest in West Africa at the time of completion this building is located in cms and was architected by Nixon ball and partners there’s actually a dispute that says this is the tallest building in Lagos because of the beacon at the top but since we are actually counting the tallest buildings by the numbers of stories this is the second tallest building with about 32 stories equal Atlantic city. that has been reclaimed as an asset of prosperity.

1. Eko Peal Tower

Eko Peal Tower

The tallest building in Lagos is the Eko Pearl Towers, a 33 beautifully designed story building. The echo pearl is a five-tower residential project built by echopelt Nigeria the five towers are named after the five of the best pearls in the world the aqua indigo champagne white and black pearl they are a collection of three bedrooms and penthouse type houses we see a marinara view from residential or investment purpose echo pearl towers will be the leading source of lovely living in Africa and just a side note here in about 10 years echo Atlantic will host Nigeria’s tallest building.

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