Facebook signed a deal for Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed VR games

As reported early this morning by The Information on the news. Facebook has signed a deal to add to their already big data of VR game another arcade game titled Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed. This games will available on Oculus virtual reality headsets.  The makers of this games Ubisoft have good history from past records in the various … Read more

2019/2020 Admission Progress. List of all Universities, Polytechnics & Federal colleges Forms currently on sale.

2019/2020 Admission Progress. List of all Universities, Polytechnics & Federal colleges Forms currently on sale.

On this page, you find relevant information that will guide you on which school’s Post UTME forms are currently selling. This page is actively updated every 3 days, new schools are added to the list, updates are made to already listed schools. This page will provide you the following information on any school listed; When … Read more

Best Trailers you should watch right now

Best Trailers you should watch right now

HOBBS & SHAW Of all the trailers, this one featuring Hobbs & Shaw is a full tense action sequence and I tell you this is precisely what everyone has been waiting for, most especially fans of the Fast and Furious. This movie is set to be release by August 2nd 2019. CHARLIE’S ANGELS This movie … Read more

Unconfirmed Npower Registration 2019.

Unconfirmed Npower Registration 2019

Be vigilant on how you give out your information, especially your BVN, account number and email address. Dear viewers, we wish to bring to your notice that the currently ongoing Npower form speculated on whatsapp and other social media may turn out to be false positive. Npower have neither via their social medias or website … Read more

Bill Gates ‘greatest mistake ever’

Bill Gates says his ‘greatest mistake ever’ was Microsoft losing to Android Theverge.com Everyone makes mistakes and Bill Gates the co-founder of Microsoft is not an exception, in an interview, the legendary guru admitted his mistakes to have missed the Android Opportunity and says this mistake has been greatest mistake in his entire career: “In … Read more


THE STATE OF AI IN 2019. whether you like it or not, Technology is used to make decision about your life. As The Verge has quoted “It’s a common psychological phenomenon: repeat any word enough times, and it eventually loses all meaning, disintegrating like soggy tissue into phonetic nothingness. For many of us, the phrase “artificial … Read more


Why is google captcha becoming difficult

In recent time you will agree with me that google captchas are getting so difficult to pass. Google’s continuous requests to prove “I’m human” is no longer pleasant as it used to be, but it is beginning to feel increasingly annoying. The usual happy perfect button with caption “I’m not a robot” followed by demand … Read more

A software designed by Dell to protect you from vulnerabilities also has another vulnerability

a software designed by dell

Updating you machine frequently will help keep Dell’s SupportAssist up to date and address all security related issues. A new vulnerability was discover by Gizmodo this morning on Dell’s Support Assit Software. If you own a Dell PC, then now is the perfect time to run some system update. Even if you recently update your PC … Read more

Careful! Your computer might be at risk . Micosoft warns 1 million computers are still vulnerable to major security exploit

You've been hacked sleettech cover

Are you still using older versions of windows (Win 7 down)? If yes then you have to be on the watch. while 2 years back (2017) we saw a flaw of this kind and despite Microsoft effort to warn the public of the forth coming treat, so many people still were affected with this WannaCry … Read more