Netflix Hacks You should Try Right now

I know you’re having fun with your Netflix app, but there is still room for improvement and here is what you can do to take your present experience with Netflix to the next level.

Netflix has made it very easy to watch stunning videos, latest movies, sort out the very best movies of the year, and the most fun part of its service is that it offers all of this ads free. Once subscribe, you can even playback your videos without using data and if you’re a new user you get a 1 month free trial period.

Despite all of the features out of the box with just a small subscription, do you feel you’re not getting the most out of your subscription? even if you feel you are, as earlier said, there is room for improvement.

With this hacks, you can now get the most out of your Netflix subscription and improve your experience with the service.

1. Gain access to hidden content

Tired of watching same stuffs over and over again or you’re just tired of having the app recommend same movies more than once or twice? you can fix this. Do you even know that Netflix keep some contents hidden? these contents are not easily accessible via its menu? Now with this code hack trick, you can unlock the full potential of your subscription and watch new videos, even those that are hidden from your menu list. There are hundreds of individual codes that you can use to browse hidden genres that are impossible to be found in the main menu and here is one of them:

Use Netflix's Secret Codes

With this code 869, you can unlock Netflix hidden genre that are not easily accessible. I know Netflix will not be happy with me sharing this secret, but now you have, so go ahead and enjoy your subscription.

2. Bypass Netflix territorial restriction with a VPN

There are many movies that are not available in your country, Netflix wont let you watch this movies because there are restricted either by your government or some other policy. With a VPN you can bypass this territorial restriction and watch anything you want. VPN are not free, you will have to purchase one online, just search google, there a ton of companies selling VPN. The benefits of a VPN out wage the cost so go ahead and purchase one.

I know you will think of getting a free VPN, here a secret you don’t know, Netflix blocks all free VPNs.

3. Multi Personal Profile on Netflix

Are you a family man? if yes then this is a good feature for you to take full advantage of. How does multi personal profile on Netflix works? Now lets say you love romantic movies or extreme horror movies, You definitely don’t want Netflix to recommend this movies to your 5years old child, instead you want children movies to be recommended instead, this is where Multi Personal Profile comes in.

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With a Multi Personal Profile, you can setup a profile for yourself and another for your children. You can keep going and create as many profiles as you want. This way, everyone has a personal preference and Netflix wouldn’t recommend your type of movies to your children.

4. Watch Netflix movies offline without data

Here is another cool trick you should try right away. If you spot an interesting video on Netflix, but you’re leaving a to local where you may not have network to stream videos online. A wise decision will be to download this movies from Netflix to your mobile device for offline streaming. I know Netflix doesn’t allow you to download some shows and movies, such content are subject to streaming only, but here is a technique you can use to bypass their protocols

  • On your PC
  • Download and install Internet download manager
  • You may want to close and reopen your browser for the new changes to take effect.
  • Now return to Netflix, play any video/movie/show and a download button will show up.
  • Click on it and your file gets downloaded in seconds.

Take Advantage of Netflix keyboard shortcuts

Why reach out for the mouse for a task as simple as PLAY/PAUSE? when you can easily press a key on the keyboard and have the computer pause or play your movie.

Here are some of the keyboard shortcuts that may be helpful:

  • Space: Play or pause
  • F/Esc: Enter/exit the full screen mode
  • Left/right arrow: Rewind/fast-forward ten seconds
  • Up/down arrow: Increase/decrease the volume
  • S: To skip the intro

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