Microsoft Edge Is Coming to Linux this October

September 23, 2020 by No Comments

It has been officially announced, the sweet coming of Microsoft Edge on Linus this October. Microsoft Edge Is Coming to Linux.

Before now, Microsoft has been teasing about the Edge on Linus but it was not really official, but now the odds are very high and we expect the coming of Edge to Linus to take place in October, the precise date is still unknown. Edge is also available on macOS, this change took effect on 15th Jan. At Jan, Microsoft discloses that Edge for Linux will be released sometime in 2020, and finally: Edge for Linux is official and will be available anytime soon.

This announcement was made at the “State of the Broswer” session at around 8:24mark during the ignite conference at Orlando.

I have been tracking this development for some time now and I can tell you boldly that this change may not take so longer as you think.

Although many believe Edge is a copied version of the Google Chrome, but our experience with the app tell us that there is more to Microsoft Edge than you already know. So the big question is, will you use this app when it is finally released.

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