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Laravel 8.68 is here – What’s new

As with the norml

The Laravel team released 8.68 with new TestResponse dd() methods, more PHP 8.1 fixes, a “has any” JSON assertion and the latest changes in the v8.x branch.

This post covers three minor Laravel releases: v8.68, v8.67, and v8.66. Usually, Laravel has a minor release each week, but this week we have three minor releases. Check the changelog for a complete list of changes.

PHP 8.1 Support (v8.67)

Dries Vints contributed more PHP 8.1 fixes in preparation for next month’s GA release:

  • Remove mimicking PHP 8.0 now that we’re nearing the PHP 8.1 release date
  • Add prefer-lowest builds
  • Add a separate build step for minimum versions for Symfony, PHPUnit & CommonMark we cannot bump these through Composer
  • Bumps some libraries for PHP 8.1 compatibility
  • Added more clearer message for skipped mail tests on PHP 8.1 since SwiftMailer won’t be patched for it
  • Unskipped PHP 8.1 tests

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