Jamb Economics Syllabus (Complete PDF Download)

The Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) provides syllabus in all courses to prepare students and candidates for the up coming jamb examination.

Economics as a jamb course

Economics is a social science course which is part of the jamb subject combination. So this article will give you steps to register for Economics in the up coming jamb and steps to download the PDF file. If you are a jamb candidate and you choose Economics as part of your jamb subject combination and are preparing for the up coming jamb exams or you are a student preparing for G.C.E, WAEC, NECO or any other exams body that offers Economics then this article is for you. Its aimed not to only prepare candidates for the jamb Economics exams but to also enhance the knowledge and understanding of students.

The following are steps to register and download jamb Economics syllabus

Step 1. Choose your preferred course

Step 2. Research on the course you choose

Step 3. Find out more about the O’level requirement of the course

Step 4. Make more research on the jamb subject combinations of the course, if Economics is among then you can go ahead to download the complete PDF file of 2021/2022 jamb Economics syllabus.

Note that: most social science courses have Economics among their jamb subject combination.

Click the link below to download the jamb Economics syllabus PDF

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