iPhone Vs Andriod: Compare And Make Your Prefered Choice

Comparing iPhone vs Andriod has always been a topic of discussion between its users. The fact remains that, if you are about getting a new smartphone, you are immediately faced with two obtions whice are either iPhone or Andriod.

So If you’re trying to choose between the two phones above, then we are here to help you.

The Ranges And Prices of Available iPhone Devices

The availability of iPhones is limited though there are long selections of iPhones for you to make a choice. The cheapest so far is the iPhone SE, which is great and it upholds Apple’s older design

Check the features and prices of the iPhones below

There are more selections to choose from, the list below shows the pictures, features, prices and detials about the device

The Ranges And Prices of Available Andriod Devices

The availability of Andriod devices are too numerious thereby making it difficult to make a good choice. Luckily, this article will help outline the best Andriod devices for you.

Andriod device companiesRatingsGrowth in the last 30 days
Samsung37.2 % 3%
Huawei11.6 % 2%
Xiaomi10.7 % 4%
Oppo8.8 % 8%
Vivo7.1 % 11%
Motorola4.0 % 5%
Realme2.4 % 14%
LG2.1 % 7%
Tecno mobile limited1.5 % 4%
Amazon1.4 %No change
Infinix mobility limited1.2 % 6%
Amlogic1.0 % 6%
Sony0.7 % 5%
Asus0.7 % 3%
Hmd global0.7 %No change
Lenovo0.7 % 4%
ZTE0.5 % 5%
Alcatel0.5 % 4%
Itel0.5 %No change

The table above shows the ratings of Andriod Companies and that can help you chose a good smartphone.

HTC Andriod mobile pictures, features and prices

Hope this article helped you made a good choice of phone.

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