Indispensable Final Cut Pro X Keyboard Shortcuts – Faster Editing

Shortcuts are a great way to quickly complete a task that should have required you to go through multiple steps of clicks and mouse scrolling, take for instance the ever-popular Ctrl + S – To Save. In this page, I have listed a number of indispensable Final Cut Pro X Keyboard Shortcuts

To work really fast in any program, you must learn to use shortcuts, they can be difficult to memorize and remember but when you work with a particular shortcut once or twice, that shortcut becomes a part of you and easy to remember.

You do not have to force your brain into memorizing these keyboard combinations, all you have to do is pick a few (5 – 10) and keep using them for the next couple of days after then go for another 5 and gradually you find yourself working with plenty of shortcuts and thereby leading to faster and comfortable editing experience.

Indispensable Final Cut Pro X Keyboard Shortcuts

To download these shortcuts in a single pdf file, click the button below

Application Shortcuts
Cmd + HHide app
Cmd + MMinimize app
Cmd + OOpen library
Cmd + QQuit app
Cmd + Comma (,)Open preferences
Option + Cmd + KCommand editor
Shift + Cmd + ZRedo change
Cmd + ZUndo change
CSelect clip
Cmd + CCopy selection
Cmd + DDuplicate
Cmd + XCut the selection
Cmd + GCreate storyline
Cmd + YCreate audition
Cmd + BBlade
Shift + Cmd + BBlade all
Cmd + ASelect all
Shift + Cmd + ADeselect all
Control + DChange duration
Control + LAdjust volume relative
Control + Option + LAdjust volume absolute
Option + Cmd + DeleteDelete selection only
VEnable/Disable clip
GToggle storyline mode
Option + Right Bracket (])Trim end
Option + Left Bracket ([)Trim start
Option + Backslash (\)Trim to selection
Option + Cmd + MMatch color
Shift + Cmd + MMatch audio
Option + Cmd + CCopy effects
Option + Shift + CCopy keyframes
Option + Shift + XCut keyframes
Option + Shift + VPaste keyframes
Option + Cmd + VPaste effects
Shift + Cmd + VPaste attributes
Option + TabNext text
Option + Shift + TabPrevious text
Option + CAdd caption
Control + Shift + CEdit caption
MAdd marker
Option + MAdd marker and modify
Control + CShow all clips
Option + XClear selected ranges
Option + OClear range end
Option + IClear range start
Control + MDelete marker
Control + Shift + MDelete markers in selection
RRange selection tool
XSelect clip range
OSet range end
Control + OSet range end (while editing a text field)
ISet range start
Control + ISet range end (while editing a text field)
URemoves ratings from selection
Option + NNew event
Shift + Cmd + NNew folder
Option + Cmd + GSynchronize clips
Shift + FReveal selected clip in browser
Option + Shift + Cmd + FReveal project in browser
Navigation and Playback
STurn skimming on/off
Shift + SAudio skimming on/off
Option + Cmd + SClip skimming on/off
Left arrowGo to previous frame
Option + Left ArrowGo to previous field
Shift + Left ArrowGo back ten frames
Right arrowGo to next frame
Option + right arrowGo to next subframe
Shift + Right ArrowGo forward ten frames
Home keyGo to beginning
End keyGo to end
Semicolon (;)Go to previous edit
Apostrophe (‘)Go to next edit
Shift + AMonitor audio
LPlay forward
JPlay in reverse
Slash (/)Play selection
Control + Shift + OPlay to end
Space barStart or pause playback
KStop playback
Option + Shift + AStart/Stop voiceover recording
AArrow tool
BBlade tool
HHand tool
PPosition tool
TTrim tool
ZZoom tool
Shift + CCrop tool
Option + DDistort tool
Shift + TTransform tool
Cmd + plus signZoom in
Cmd + minus signZoom out
Shift + ZZoom to fit
Control + ZZoom to samples
Option + Shift + NView clip names
Control + AShow/Hide audio animation
Control + VShow/Hide video animation
Control + YShow/Hide skimmer info
Shift + Cmd + Hyphen (-)Decrease clip height
Shift + Cmd + Equal sign (=)Increase clip height
Control + Option + Up arrowIncrease waveform size (clip appearance)
Control + Option + Down arrowDecrease waveform size (clip appearance)
Cmd + 1Go to browser
Cmd + 2Go to timeline
Cmd + 3Go to viewer
Cmd + 4Show/Hide inspector
Cmd + 5Show/Hide effects browser
Cmd + 6Go to color board
Cmd + 7Show/Hide video scopes
Cmd + 8Go to audio enhancements
Cmd + 9Show/Hide background tasks
Option + Cmd + 8Show/hide voice recorder
General Shortcuts
Cmd + FFind
Cmd + IImport media
Cmd + NNew project
Cmd + JProject properties
Control + RRender selection
Control + Shift + RRender all


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