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How to protect your Debit Card (ATM) from yahoo boys

Don’t wait until you’re a victim, learn how to protect your debit card (ATM Card) from yahoo boys and online scammers.

Yahoo is not new in Nigeria, Many Nigerian youths today use this method to make quick moneydespite the penalty that comes with being caught.

The truth remains that, many Nigerians are far behind technology and have no idea of what is capable. Even as we hear security and bank authority preaching against yahoo and online scamming on news and radio, people are still being victims to online scammers.

No one can magically know your card details without you giving it to them. Unless he or she has access to your card.

How Yahoo works in Nigeria

The goal of an internet fraudster is to lure you into believing a fake story that will end up with you sending money to him in the hope that you get double of it in 30mins.

Another objective of an internet fraudster is to get your debit card details (ATM Card). You may want to ask, What can they do with my card details without my password? Now that’s a good question and I will answer it in the following paragraph.

Can My ATM Card be Use without My Pin?

Yes. With the 16 digit number on your card, the expiry date and cvc number, anyone can do the following with your card

  1. Use your card to purchase item from an online store. You dont need a token to buy from a foreign store online. So dont be rely on the fact that the bank will send you a token before anyone can purchase with your card.
  2. Transfer all the money in your account. Which is why banks always tell you to keep your card save.
  3. Recharge with your card.
  4. Pay for online Services.

How to protect your Debit Card from Internet Fraudsters (Yahoo Boys)

Erase Card Number.

Yes, you got me right. After obtaining your ATM card from the bank, get any sharp object and completely erase the numbers from the back of your card. Before you do this, make sure to create a snapshot of your card by taking a photo of it and store to your email address, do not store to your phone, send it to your email address and delete the image from your phone.

The ATM Machine and other cash dispenser does not need this information for your card to work. so erasing this vital information will not damage your card.

Advantage of Erasing your Card Details

  1. No fear of lost. It doesn’t matter if your card loses, afterall, this time we have truely altered the card useless without its pin.
  2. Security. No one can get your card details without you giving it to them.
  3. You have access to your card details information anytime, anywhere.

Deactivate your ATM Card when not in use

This is an extra level of security, although very few people have realize this significant feature on bank mobile apps.

If you dont plan on using your card anytime soon, you can safely disale the card from your mobile app. A disabled card cannot be use for any transaction, not even withdrawals or online purchases.

You can safely re-enable your card when you’re ready to use it.

How to deactive your ATM card when not in use on the Zenith Mobile App

  • Login to your mobile app
  • Tap to bring out the menu
  • Click on Cards
  • Click on Debit Cards
  • Now you should see your debit card info, tap on the switch next to active to deactivate your card.
  • Enter your pin to confirm operation
  • You will get the message “Card Deactivate Success”

How to Enable your ATM card when not in use on the Zenith Mobile App

Follow the steps from above to re-enable your debit card.

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