How to open Adobe Premiere Pro Projects on another editing program

Here is how to open Adobe Premiere Pro Projects on another editing program. Thinking of moving a project you’ve already started with Adobe Premiere Pro to another program? I am going to show you how but wait why would you want to move your project to another program? when Adobe Premiere is good and one of the top leading video editing program?

Why you may want to move your project from Premiere Pro to another editing program

  1. Hangs: Adobe Premiere pro hangs a lot, and this happens at any point in the program. You may be rendering a job, and boom the program freezes and auto-closes. Just this alone will cause anyone to want to switch to another editing program.
  2. Effects: There are tons of effects and transitions available in other programs that require time to create in premiere pro. So, you may want to export your timeline as a mixdown video file, allowing you to apply further video effects before bringing an exported file back into Premiere Pro.
  3. Transfer of Project: For some reason, you want to hand over a project to a friend but unfortunately your friend doesn’t work with Premiere Pro instead he prefers Final Cut. Therefore, you will need to ensure your timeline can be reassembled on their end.

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How to Open Your Premiere Pro Project on Another Program.

Before proceeding, I must warn you, in many cases, this process is not as smooth as you may have imagined, the reason been that you may run into compatibility issues, especially when working on multiple video and audio formats. Don’t let that scare you, if you’re good with media management, the process should be seamless.

There are plenty of software out there, and depending on the one you plan on migrating to, you will need to export your Premiere project in a format that is readable in the other program.

The available format you can export to include

AAF: Advanced Authoring Format (AAF). It is a file format for professional cross-platform data interchange, designed for the video post-production and authoring environment.

OMF: Open Media Framework (OMF). It is a platform-independent file format intended for transfer of digital media between different software applications.

XML: eXtensible Markup Langauge, this helps to store and organize the data.

A detailed explanation has been given below.

Exporting your Premiere Pro project in AAF format for use in other editing programs

Click on File > Export > AAF. This will open up a dialogue box with many settings. Here is what each setting does.

  • Mixdown Video will render all of your video tracks as one single video file, alongside your AAF file. If this is not selected, all of your individual video files will be linked to instead.
  • Breakout to Mono is a setting designed for better compatibility with dedicated audio editing software. If not selected, all of your individual audio files used in your timeline will be linked to. If the setting is enabled, any stereo audio files will be converted into two split mono files, for the right and left channels.
  • Embed Audio appears when you select Breakout to Mono. This gives you the option to either embed audio or keep it separate. Essentially, you can either have the audio files from your project packaged inside the file itself, or separately in a directory next to the file. Embedding can make transporting the files easier, but may create compatibility issues with larger timelines.
  • Render Clip Effects will render any effects you have added to audio clips in Premiere to your new audio files.
  • Include Clip Copies Without Effects lets you keep copies of your original files.
  • Format will allow you to choose to export the new audio files as AIFF or WAV.
  • You can set the Sample Rate and Bit Rate of your project, depending on your preferences and source file settings.

Exporting your Premiere Pro project in OMF format for Audio workflows

Take note, this is option is for audio only, and it is supported by many of the Professional Audio Editing Program.

To export in this format, goto File > Export > OMF. This will open up a dialog box where you can set additional options for your output file.

Exporting your Premiere Pro project

Exporting your Premiere Pro project to Final Cut Pro XML Files

Final Cut is another great program that is loved by many folks inlcuding myself. If you want to get your timeline into Final Cut Pro, the custom XML export function is the best setting to use. The XML format also works with applications, including Premiere and Da Vinci Resolve.

Hit File > Export > Final Cut Pro XML.

And that’s it, it’s a wrap. You now know how to migrate your premiere pro project to another editing programme include Final Cut.

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