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How to get iOS 14.4 on your iPhone

Have you been looking for ways on how to get iOS 14.4 running on your iPhone? There’s great news: Apple released the software recently, and it can be downloaded and ran on any phone that’s compatible. Tada!!!

How to get iOS 14.4

The company’s latest software is it’s iOS 14.4, and it possesses a whole new set of security updates, not excluding features like improved Find My Items features.

Sadly, not all iPhones will be compatible with this new software. Any iPhone older than iPhone 6S will not be getting this latest iOS 14 software. But if your own iPhone is however compatible with this latest software, Here are the guidelines you need to follow to update your device.

1. Back up your iPhone before anything else!!!

The very first advisable step is to back up your files.

Before going along to download anything, back up your data and applications. Although the process is safe and stable, but having a backup is just advisable in case things go south.

2. Download from the Settings page

The next and final step is to download the software from the settings page of your iPhone, once done your iPhone will handle the rest.

Once at the Settings App, click on General. In that session, a section title Software Update will be found.

In that session, Click the Download and Install button, and it’ll safely be downloaded and ran as your new software.

Quite easy right???

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