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How to clean your Laptop Screen effectively!

Learn how to clean your laptop screen with this simple guide. Your screen to the digital world is 100% crucial to your computing experience. But it also possesses an annoying habit of attracting every kind of dust and dirt, whether food particles/stains like spaghetti sauce splatter to microscopic bacteria and particles.

Just so you know, glass screens of older CRT displays possessed an extra layer of protection (similar to screen guard in smartphones), newer LCD laptop screens do not come along with that, meaning that you’ve got to avoid utilizing products that are too harsh, typical example is the glass cleaner or window cleaner.

Some screens, like certain MacBook displays and touchscreens, come with an oleophobic layer. This layer is said to offer some protection against smudges and fingerprints, but it can be worn off if alcohol-based cleaners are used in wiping them.

99% isopropyl could be utilized, but if you’re worried about it being too strong, you can just as well use 75% or gentler stuff instead. Facts has it that Isopropyl diluted with clean water as far as 60% could even be more effective than 99.9% of same solution, because the water enables the liquid permeate the cell walls of microorganisms, and slows the solvent’s evaporation time, thereby allowing more time for it to destroy any microorganism it comes in contact with.

It is not ideal to spray your screen cleaner directly on the laptop screen. Instead, dab the cleaner into a smooth microfiber cloth, then gently wipe it onto the screen of your laptop in small circular motions, or from one end to the other. Avoid drenching your cloth in the cleaning solution, dampening it only is okay.

Ideal Liquid for Cleaning your Laptop Screen


Isopropyl as many of us may know is very effective when it comes to germ killing, but that doesn’t means it possesses any anti-streak, or specifically anti-static properties that dedicated screen cleaners do contain. So a non-alcoholic screen cleaner would me much more preferable for the job than the earlier mentioned diluted Isopropyl germ killer as those properties are really important when it comes to keeping your laptop screen clean for a longer period.

Remember to gently rub the dampened cloth around the screen of your laptop, ensuring that you do not press down too hard to avoid cracking it.

Two very popular laptop screen cleaners are Ecomoist and WHOOSH!. They are plenty of other ones that are similar to the previously mentioned that’ll probably work just as well. They’re alcohol-free, possess anti-static property, and are also biodegradable. These amazing properties will keep off those dust particles from your screen a bit longer.

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