whether you like it or not, Technology is used to make decision about your life. As The Verge has quoted “It’s a common psychological phenomenon: repeat any word enough times, and it eventually loses all meaning, disintegrating like soggy tissue into phonetic nothingness. For many of us, the phrase “artificial intelligence” fell apart in this way a long time ago. AI is everywhere in tech right now, said to be powering everything from your TV to your toothbrush, but never have the words themselves meant less.”

Artificial intelligence sleettech

For the good, the bad and the ugly, Technology has never been better than what it is today, Technology is affecting our everyday lives, Technology has integrated into how he eat, brush, talk to other people, react to with people and even how sleep. Technology is everywhere. Now to complement technology with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Artificial Intelligence is fast growing and integrating into our daily life. Technology is our second Nature. Humans can now communicate with computers just as human would with any other human, Robots have been trained to make decisions on their own. Robots too now communicate with other robots.

Microsoft Cortana

Artificial intelligence sleettech
A picture of windows 10 Microsoft Cortana.

At San Francisco in 2014 when microsoft announces Cortana, a virtual assistant made for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1. Today Cortana is made available on every modern windows phone or computers. With cortana you can easily perform many task on your computer or smartphone by simple saying the commands. By easily saying “Set a reminder for 10:00 o’clock” Cortana will set reminder for 10:00 on your device, Cortana can recognize natural voice without the requirement for keyboard input, and answer questions using information from the Bing and google search engine. How beautiful that is, being able to communicate with your phone. Computers have been taught to learn humanity.

Orab B AI Brush


Oral-B Genius X is another good invention of our time. It’s not just a toothbrush as many will say, its an enhance toothbrush. The toothbrush comes with an app you will install to your phone. Now while using the toothbrush it communicates the position of the brush in your mouth, the amount of pressure you apply at this very spot to your phone and you see a diagram representation of what is going on in your mouth on your phone.

Now the Cons with recent technology and AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is forcing nations and government to rethink the future. AI continues to disrupt many aspect of our lives as it replaces many jobs. Many persons are concern as to how technology is fast growing and putting several jobs at risk. In today’s world and places where technology has taken root the job of a gateman is very hard to find. Many companies and homes now uses remote gate, some of these AI gates detects your coming miles away and grant your access after having scan your face, eyes or fingerprint. This process does not need a gateman to open the gate.

In many cases, people opt for Artificial intelligence solution as opposed to hiring an employee with reasons that, Using a bot for 12 months to do a job it was designed for, is cost effective as compared to paying an employee for the next 12 months. If this bot is properly maintain you only need to repair once or twice within this 12 months of use. Humans are humans and are bound to make errors. Bots at 98.99 % of the test run is accurate at doing what it was design for.

If your job is threatened by recent progress in technology and AI then stay tuned to our future post. We will be writing on how to stay ahead of the recent technologies.

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