Google allow you to set a time limit for auto-Delete location history and web activity.

Google now lets you set a time limit to auto-delete location history and web activity data


  • Google now allows users to auto-delete location history and web/app activity data.
  • You have the options to choose when you want this operation to take place (3 or 18 months)
  • You can get the tool right away on Goople Play Store.
  • It supports both android and IOS platforms

You may have been aware that google tracks the activities you do on your phone, the apps you install and the services you use, but definitely might not have realize yet how much of this information google knows about you. Several other companies and third-party apps also goes deep into your phone to track your activity and some bad bots even goes as far as getting vital data from your phone and sells to proposed buyers. In a nutshell google collects an extensive set of data, so does several other companies and now google offers you a way to determine how long this information stays with this companies. Read on to learn how you can tell companies how long to keep your information with them.

After several emphasis on user privacy by developers in the past conferences, Google and Apple promised they are going to provide tools with which the user has the options and control of what data is shared and how long this data stays with this companies and third-party-apps.

One of the vital condemnation was the amount of workload placed on the user’s end, it was reliant on the user to setup security and manually delete this data from the browser. On the other hand, the companies claimed this is to improve the users experience and how ads are displayed to this user and to provide better search personalizations. With the new tool, the user is more in control of how this data is shared and how long it stays with this company. (3 or 18 months).

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