Free Download 130 Vector Arrows

September 29, 2020 by 1 Comment

This collection is very important to Graphic Designers, web designers, filmmakers, and Motion graphics artists. It contains 130 different arrow shapes that you can easily drag and drop to your project. If you do a lot of designing and compositing, then you should hit the download button right away to get this file down to your pc. I am a filmmaker and I always find small items like this handy.

130 Vector Arrows

What’s included

This package comes in a zip file, you will have to extract it using winrar or any other software out there.

The zip file contains pdf, .psd, .png, .eps version of this arrows and a Readme file.

  1. ‘Eps’ folder contains source vector eps files.
  2. The font “Fontin Sans” was used in the design. It is free. You can download it from here:
     . ‘Pdf’ folder contains files in pdf format. To see them you need at least Adobe reader 6.0
  3. Transparent png files in different sizes are in the ‘png’ folder. Note: all icons are merged in one layer.
  4. Photoshop custom shape file are alco included in the folder with the same name.

Thank you. Feel free to contact me at if you will have questions.

Free Download 130 Vector Arrows

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