Fixed Class ‘Pbmedia\LaravelFFMpeg\FFMpegServiceProvider’ not found

If you’re having this error Class ‘Pbmedia\LaravelFFMpeg\FFMpegServiceProvider’ not found, then here is a Fixed for you to try. It is important to note that, there are a number of things that could lead to this error in your code. The catch we have specified here is the major reason to hit this error.

What does the error mean?

Technically, your app cannot find the class you’re referring to in your code. In Maybe, you added a namespace to a class that no longer lives in that location or was never there. It could be a typo in your namespace or whatever place you’re trying to reference this class from. The point here is this class ‘Pbmedia\LaravelFFMpeg\FFMpegServiceProvider’ is not found and everything fails.

How to reproduce the error:

Particularly in my situation, I made an upgrade to the Laravel FFmpeg package, and the service provider class changed so I needed to update the class reference in the config/app providers section.

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How to Fix Class ProtoneMedia\LaravelFFMpeg\Support\ServiceProvider::class,

Go to config app.php and replace the service provider class reference with this


And then move to the aliases section and also replace with this

'FFMpeg' => ProtoneMedia\LaravelFFMpeg\Support\FFMpeg::class

If you’re reading this post like months from now, you should check the Laravel FFMpeg github page for latest updates.

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As earlier stated, read the error message printed on your console carefully and trace down to where you’re referencing this class that is causing this bug. Then, replace it with the proper address to where the class lives.

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