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Fix Premiere Pro Playback too fast

How to fix premiere pro playback too fast. I installed premiere pro-2020, launch the program, and imported footage. Remember this is a fresh installation of premiere pro-2020, I have not tweaked any settings but when I press the play button, the footage seems to playback at a faster speed.

Premiere Pro footage plays back at a faster speed

When this error occurs in your program, you noticed the playback is not smooth, the character appears to be talking too fast, and the audio skip frames. This error is an easy fix and I will show you how to solve this in just two steps.

The solution to Premiere Pro Playback too fast

  • Goto Edit from the menu
  • Point to preference
  • and click on audio hardware
The solution to Premiere Pro Playback too fast
  • Change the Default Input from whatever it is to no input
  • Click on
  • Playback your footage and see that the problem has been resolved.
The solution to Premiere Pro Playback too fast

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