FCE Degree Obudu Mobilize Students for NYSC

Considering the long duration students have sat at home waiting patiently for the institution to mobilize them for service, So many questions lately have been asked lately on when FCE Degree Obudu Mobilize Students for NYSC,. The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a program set up by the Nigerian government to involve Nigerian graduates in the nation-building and development of the country. But the unfortunate truth then is, the program is limited to an age limit. Meaning if you’re above 30 years, you cannot be a part of the NYSC program instead a certificate of exemption is issued. Despite this age barrier, many school leaders do not show concern, instead, they keep students at home for a long period of time without any regard for the negative side effects.

Has FCE Obudu Mobilize Students for NYSC

No!. FCE Obudu has not mobilized students for NYSC in the last three (3) years, the Degree Programme Coordinator has promise prospective NYSC students that their names will show up in the just-concluded BATCH C NYSC mobilization but unfortunately, not a single candidate from the college was enlisted in the senate list.

When will FCE Degree Students in Affiliation to University of Calabar be mobilized for NYSC?

The Degree coordinator Dr. Boniface I. Ella has promised to mobilize awaiting students in the coming batch.

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