Facebook Shopping Section on Mobile now available

Facebook Shopping Section on Mobile now available

Facebook Shopping Section is the new and welcoming feature that will soon be made available to all users on Facebook, not long after twitter brought about its shopping feature that allows users to purchase items within the App without having to exit the app to another app like chrome or Amazon, Facebook has today published its shopping page that allows Facebook users to buy within the app and also communicate with dealers directly.

Facebook Shopping Section

A New Shopping Experience Comes To Facebook

This new development has been in construction since May 2020 and today in a post on About Facebook, the platform made us understand that the new shopping page is still undergoing testing, and as such it is officially available to US citizens only.

The platform is still at its early stage and more features are still rolling in. So far so good, you can chat with retailers and dealers directly either via WhatsApp, Instagram of F. Messenger. This indicates Facebook is working hard to merge chats from its three platforms together.

With the addition of Facebook Shops comes improved features and tools for retailers. Businesses will soon have access to new customization tools for their shops, including better design layouts for products and real-time previews when editing collections.

How to Shop on Facebook Shopping Page

As already said, at the time of this writing, the feature is only available to US, if your contry if priviledge to access the Facebook Shop you can start exploring this new feature. To access Facebook Shop, make sure to download the Facebook app for Android or iOS.

After opening the app, hit the three horizontal bars in the top-right corner of the screen. Scroll down the menu until you see a section that says Shop. Click that, and you can begin browsing all of the products and shops available on Facebook.

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With the new facebook shopping page, and its elegant look, this is considered a big step up on user shopping experience online.

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