The latest Xiaomi Charging Tech Permits charging of phones wirelessly!!!

The latest Xiaomi Charging Tech

All that’s needed to be done is to be within the “Mi Air Charger” vicinity, and this latest Xiaomi wireless charger will handle the rest. Xiaomi recently unveiled its latest technology, as concerning phone charging. This new Mi Air Charge technology doesn’t require pads or cables in order for you to charge your phone. It … Read more

Top 6 Trending Technologies in 2021 You Need To Learn!!!

Top 6 trending technologies in 2021

Technology is constantly growing at a really rapid rate. Programming language and other related technology have become the order of the day in the bigger world! As more funds are put into research and development, computer professionals/scientists have been improving existing technologies constantly to get the most out of them. This have forced us to … Read more

Best web hosting services of 2021: Top host providers for your website

Best web hosting services

Have you been searching for a new web hosting service for your personal website and/or company blog? We’ve tested the best out there, and have come up with these 5 best web hosting services for you. Many of you might’ve been considering boosting your businesses, or starting up a new one with a website for … Read more