The latest Xiaomi Charging Tech Permits charging of phones wirelessly!!!

The latest Xiaomi Charging Tech

All that’s needed to be done is to be within the “Mi Air Charger” vicinity, and this latest Xiaomi wireless charger will handle the rest. Xiaomi recently unveiled its latest technology, as concerning phone charging. This new Mi Air Charge technology doesn’t require pads or cables in order for you to charge your phone. It … Read more

How to get iOS 14.4 on your iPhone

How to get iOS 14.4 on your iPhone.webp100

Have you been looking for ways on how to get iOS 14.4 running on your iPhone? There’s great news: Apple released the software recently, and it can be downloaded and ran on any phone that’s compatible. Tada!!! The company’s latest software is it’s iOS 14.4, and it possesses a whole new set of security updates, … Read more

Top 10 Most Expensive Phones on Earth

If you think your phone is expensive then you haven’t seen the list below. A lot of celebrities, rich businessmen/women, world leaders, and hier believe not only in their looks but also in accessories like watches, jewelry, clothing, and lastly phones. So picking an expensive phone doesn’t mean any thing to them. The following are … Read more