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If you are here then you must be searching for a good resource center where you can learn to code with Laravel, this page will be a good place to start your journey. You will find tutorials to take you from a newbie to pro

Laravel 8.68 is here – What’s new

As with the norml The Laravel team released 8.68 with new TestResponse dd() methods, more PHP 8.1 fixes, a “has…

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Array to string conversion error in php

Are you having this error Array to string conversion in your code? Here is how to fix it. What you’re…

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How to find the Next or Previous item in the database. Laravel

There are many circumstances in which you will want to find the next or previous item to the current item…

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PHP Error: Class not found in Psy Shell Code on line 1

I run into this issue of PHP Error: Class ‘App\Trailer’ not found in Psy Shell code on line 1 and…

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Build an E-Commerce Store Using Laravel, Vue, and Tailwind.

Hi! I am working on an E-commerce store using Laravel as my backend technology, Vue and Tailwind CSS for the…

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Faker Mail – Setup mail sending using mailtrap for Laravel

If you’re looking to send emails from your application, Mailgun is a good option to go with, but it is…

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Fixed Class ‘Pbmedia\LaravelFFMpeg\FFMpegServiceProvider’ not found

If you’re having this error Class ‘Pbmedia\LaravelFFMpeg\FFMpegServiceProvider’ not found, then here is a Fixed for you to try. It is…

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Artisan Commands not Working, No output returned.

If you’ve run into this error where Artisan Commands not Working or no longer responds, or you’re unable to execute…

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Email Sending – How to setup Mailgun for Laravel 8

At a point in your application, you will need to send emails to users. It may also interest you to…

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