Best Photo Editing Apps for Mobile 2020

Best photo editing apps for adroid 2020

Photo editing or photo manipulation, whatever you call it has become increasingly common among PC and mobile users. Everyone loves good photos at least I do. While there are many apps for PC users there are also plenty of apps available for professional photo editing to Mobile Users. In this article, I have listed the Best Photo Editing Apps for Mobile 2020.

8. PhotoDirector

Photo Director Best Photo Editing Aps for Mobile

PhotoDirector has been around for a while, it is growing in both technology and popularity and has earned millions of followers in the last few years. The app is a good replacement for Adobe Photoshop for mobile.

You can perform several commands with this simple but powerful app, you can crop, edit, and stylize your images with an array of tools and filters dehaze, photo animation, red-eye removal, gradient masks, and even a built-in sticker maker.

Download:PhotoDirector (Free, in-app purchases available)

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7. Fotor

Photoshop is one of the most popular editing programs for PC users and indeed the program is good at photo editing. In regards to mobile editing, the Fotor app is very much like photoshop because it shares similarities with the features and functionaly of photoshop. The program interface looks similar to that of Pixlr. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, shadows, highlights, noise, and angles with ease. You do not need to have any past knowledge to know how to use this app, simply open and get your photo into that beautiful design.

If you’re like me, you will also find these simples amateurs features interesting to work with. borders and stickers, lots of effects (such as film, nostalgic, retro, and kaleidoscope), and personalized collages.

And if this is your first at working with mobile photo editing apps, The One-Click Image enhancements features will go along way to help you get that vivid professional looks. There are 13 auto-enhance tools for you to dig into. They’ll let you tweak the lighting, shadows, colors, and much more.

And if you’re skilled enough, Fotor even provides a way for you to monetize your images via photo licensing on PxBee.

Download: Fotor (Free, in-app purchases available)

6. AirBrush

This app is not a complete photo editing app but I like the fact that it does offer something great. With a little filters tweak and a few finger swipe here and there you get the same image result as If you were to use photoshop. The app let you delete errant hairs, cover up blemishes, and add a sparkle to your smile. The key different here is you do less work for superb results.

You will find that the program has plenty of filters perfect for any photo environment and there is another cool thing for the ladies. This app offers face makeup thereby making it easy for you to add lipstick. It can alsoinsert new backgrounds, and more.

Keep in mind that Airbrush is not a full-featured photo editor. If you’re on the hunt for a powerful Photoshop alternative, you should look elsewhere.

Download: AirBrush (Free, in-app purchases available).

5. Pixlr

There are a lot of apps out there offering powerful features but the Pixlr stands out with its two million combinations of stunning filters, effects and overlays.

The app is one of your very best choices to pick from among others, its interface and functionality make it the best alternative to Photoshop on Android.

Aside the infinite no of filters it offers, you also have access to primary editing tools such as cropping and rotating, skin retouching and smootheners and also the indispensable teeth whiteners and red-eye remover.

The app is layered based, meaning you can hide and unhide layers and also merge two layers, just as you would do in photoshop. If you’re coming from Photoshop, you’ll be pleased with the functionality and interface of this application because you will feel at home.

As always the bill comes due, who will offer an app of such great functionalities without room for making income?. A number of users have complained bitterly of the increasing amount of ads in the past few days. So be sure ready to battle with plenty of ads if you’re using the free version.

4. Polarr Photo Editor

Polarr offers the basic tools you need to easity and quickly complete your editing. What qualifies it for this list of Best Photo Editing apps is its simplicity, the application interface is simple and easy to manipulate. It also allows you to create your own style, either from scratch or by using one of its presets.

Download: Polarr Photo Editor (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. Snapseed

Looking at the thumbnail in the video above, you probably might have guessed what is included in Snapseed, Google’s in-house professional photo editing app. A good number of users including myself consider it the best free Photoshop alternative on Android.

Just before you squick for having read plenty of recommendation on this page saying this is the best alternative for photoshop, remember we have only sorted out the Best Photo Editing Apps for Mobile 2020 and it just so happens that they all offer recommendable pro features, but Snapseed here takes the lead and here is why.

Snapseed is a complete full-featured desktop app packaged and delivered to Android users. It has 29 tools and filters, including advanced options such as healing, brightness curves, tonal contrast, and automatic image tuning.

Download:Snapseed (Free)

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