Why is google captcha becoming difficult

In recent time you will agree with me that google captchas are getting so difficult to pass. Google’s continuous requests to prove “I’m human” is no longer pleasant as it used to be, but it is beginning to feel increasingly annoying. The usual happy perfect button with caption “I’m not a robot” followed by demand … Read more

A software designed by Dell to protect you from vulnerabilities also has another vulnerability

a software designed by dell

Updating you machine frequently will help keep Dell’s SupportAssist up to date and address all security related issues. A new vulnerability was discover by Gizmodo this morning on Dell’s Support Assit Software. If you own a Dell PC, then now is the perfect time to run some system update. Even if you recently update your PC … Read more

Careful! Your computer might be at risk . Micosoft warns 1 million computers are still vulnerable to major security exploit

You've been hacked sleettech cover

Are you still using older versions of windows (Win 7 down)? If yes then you have to be on the watch. while 2 years back (2017) we saw a flaw of this kind and despite Microsoft effort to warn the public of the forth coming treat, so many people still were affected with this WannaCry … Read more