Apple, Ford, and Disney are not in support of Trump’s WeChat ban

Following the administrative order to ban TikTok and now WeChat, Companies including Apple, Disney and Walmart participate in call with White House over action against China’s most important app WeChat.

The Trump administration had previously passed an executive order against some of the Chinese technology companies including TikTok and WeChat. Trump’s WeChat ban

In a call today between the White House and several major companies in the US, the companies discussed how negatively a ban on WeChat will affect the growth of their business.

Considering that WeChat is one of China’s most important application packed with several tasks, a ban will definitely cause adverse effects to major US companies with reasons being that the app serves many great functions not limited to messaging, payments, e-commerce, marketing and more.

According to, The executive order was signed on Thursday night and explicitly blocks “any transaction that is related to WeChat.” It’s only a matter of weeks from now for this new policy to take effect. although it is still not clear on the intended reach of ban, which is subject to the Commerce Department. One reason for the call between the White House and the US companies was to attempt to gain some clarity in that regard.


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I can only but imagine that Google or Apple app stores shall no longer support the downloading of Tiktok and WeChat. This is obviously going to hurt major companies in the US.

But even American companies with a more distant relationship to the smartphone industry have cause for concern. Not being able to market products or handle transactions on WeChat would significantly hamper their operations in China and their ability to reach Chinese consumers. These companies are hoping that the scope of the executive order will be narrowed and clarified in the coming weeks, says the WSJ

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