All about driverless cars: The future is here

The future is here, before now the concept of driverless cars or self driving cars was a thing attributed to movies fiction, many never believed one day cars will be trained to drive itself. Nevertheless the idea of self driving cars is not new to many as several companies have proven beyond doubt that self driving cars will sometime replace normal cars. In this post we will discuss this cars in details, how they work, how safe it is to use one of this cars and other significant matters.

Self driverless cars

About Self Driverless Cars

Self Driving Cars, the name is self explaining, you can easily tell this are cars which does not require a driver to operate.

The self driving cars are also referred to as autonomous cars or autonomous vehicles. If you have been following business or tech news for the last five years, chances are you have heard about the proliferation of self driving cars technology. Since 1990s, effort has been made by several companies at automating vehicles, cars that have the capability to sense its environment and make decision to navigate independently without the interference of humans action. The use of an autonomous vehicle did not show until the 1980s. and what we have today is best described as automated cars rather than autonomous cars.

This autonomous cars are said to detect objects from 20 miles away, study the behaviour of this objects, it is aware of its all around surrounding. They are more efficient and offer safety than even the most experienced human drivers can offer.

Watch video of an automated vehicle below

Classifying autonomous cars

This self driving cars are classified into six categories

Category one – This vehicles only issue warning to drivers

category two – The workload is shared between the driver and the vehicle

category three – The category only requires driver to vigilant in the case of an emergency else they are self driving.

Category four  – This cars can operate independent of a driver but cannot be trusted on the street on their own due to system malfunction.

Category five – In this category the driver can even sleep while the car do its job, but issues were found with autonomous parking.

Category six – This is it, the future at you hand. This are fully automated cars that completely requires no human interaction to operate. This cars can be set loosed to deliver a message without errors.

How do these cars work?

These cars combine sensors and softwares to control, navigate and drive the vehicle, while design pattern may vary, the autonomous cars create and main an internal map of their surrounding based on a wider rays of sensors.

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