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Adobe Premiere Pro not displaying to the second monitor fixed.

You’re here because Adobe Premiere Pro not displaying to the second monitor, or it was working fine and suddenly it stops and you’ve tried everything but no luck. Not to worry, in one of these 3 solutions provided here, you will find one that resolves your problem.

Second Monitor was working but suddenly stop

If the heading above best describes your problem, then here is a fix. First look at the top of your primary screen, does Premiere Pro display the application control box? (The menu containing the close, minimize, maximize and close buttons). The top of the Window disappeared. Can’t minimize & dual monitors no longer work.

If yes then you might want to skip to the next solution, but if it does not, then it’s a problem with your application frame. Follow the steps below to restore your Application frame and fix Adobe Premiere Pro not displaying to the second monitor.

Steps to fix Adobe Premiere Pro not displaying to the second monitor

  • One: Press the Alt + Space keys of your keyboard
  • Two: Click on Maximize
  • Three: Your second screen should now display.

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Mercury Transmit Not Enable on Premiere Pro

Here is another culprit that could prevent Premiere Pro from transmitting to a second screen. If you’ve set up your second monitor correctly and it is properly plugged into your VGA port but still won’t display. Chances are, you’ve forgotten to turn on the Mercury Transmit from the Playback setup. Here is how to fix Adobe Premiere Pro Mercury Transmit-related issue.

  • Click on Edit from the top menu
  • Click on preferences
  • Click on Playback
  • Check the Enable Mercury Transmit box (if Uncheck)
Adobe Premiere Pro Mercury Transmit Settings

Another way to turn this option on is by

  • Click on the spanner icon next to the resolution switcher
  • Click on Enable Transmit

You’re not transmitting to the right monitor

If you’ve tried the two solutions provided above and yet, your monitor still won’t display, then you’re definitely transmitting to the wrong monitor or there is a hardware-related issue. To cross-check if you’re transmitting to the right monitor,

  • On Windows 10, go to your desktop, Right-click, and click on display settings. This will open your display settings panel.
  • Now click on Identify, this will indicate 1, 2, and 3 continuously to identify each of your monitors, recall the number that appears on the monitor you want to transmit to.
  • Return to Premiere Pro
  • Click on Edit from the top menu,
  • Click on preferences
  • Click on Playback
  • Now pick the monitor that displays the number that corresponds to the one you saw on your screen earlier.
  • Click on and your screen should show up.
Settings icon mercury transmit to proper monitor


These are the three common reasons that can cause Premiere Pro not to project to a second screen. Please leave a comment below stating which of the three fixes resolves your problem. This will help others who are searching for similar solutions.

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