A complete guide to Start an Online Business for the dummies

If you’re new to online business, it can be difficult to wrap your head around the concept of how it works, which is exactly what this article is meant for, to guide and save you the trouble that comes from trying to figure out how to start up your own online business on your own.

Hi, I am Ikong Simon David, a web developer, creator of and, and here’s my complete guide to starting an online business for the dummies. I will assume you do not know anything about online business and you have an interest to start one but do not know where to begin from.

What is Online Business?

An online business can range from selling a product online to offering a service. The simple idea is, the entire process is done online using the internet and your mobile phone, tablet or PC.

What are Online Business Activities?

The whole concept of online business activities revolves around selling a product online or offering a service, for selling a product online, you’re referring to services like,, And for offering a service, you have many options ranging from offering a professional service like graphics design, transcription etc or social service like creating content for youtube, starting your own blog, offering education and information products etc. Now, let’s address this stuffs one after another.

Selling a Product Online

If you’re an entrepreneur, you can open an online store where you sell different types of products, it can be anything, if you want you may decide to sell groundnut online and you will still find buyers. The internet is a big place.

What to Sell Online

  • Electronic appliances. This is a great option but has alot of competition and requires big capital to start, however, it is lucrative and good place to start.
  • Apparel. This is where many enterprenuers start because the cost of starting it is small relative to selling electronics online. Purchasing clothes on the Internet has become convenient and cheap. And selling them requires just a site and a reliable supplier.
  • Products from China. An entrepreneur can dropship absolutely anything. Linking the manufacturer and the end client without holding goods in warehouses is cheap and lucrative.

Offering an Online Service

Offering a service online is where most people start from, many of the online services require little or no capital to start, all you may need is a smartphone and a desire to win.

You can offer a professional service online which include,

  1. mentoring online,
  2. graphics design,
  3. web design,
  4. typing,
  5. transcription,
  6. getting paid to write articles,
  7. Starting a blog
  8. etc.

You can also get paid by offering social-related services to YouTube, Facebook, that is by creating and uploading videos, it doesn’t have to be a full-length movie. Many YouTubers today earn by simply doing what they love, it could be dancing. Some even get paid for reacting to videos. You record yourself reacting to peoples videos and you get paid.

How to get started with an Online Business

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