Looking forward to connecting with your lover easier and in a more romantic way? Then read up as we will be elaborating on the 5 best online dating apps for you in 2021.


At times, going out on dates could turn out impossible, or really hard due to many reasons ranging from traffic, distance, occupation etc. Why not adopt the new online virtual dating style to ease up the stress and at same time spicing up your relationship.

1. Date Night at Home (Web)


Whether you’ve been in a long term relationship, or just started dating last night, First Things First possesses all types of guides for its clients (the couples).

The Date-Night mini site has something for both DIY date nights at home or virtual date nights. If you find virtual date nights strange, then Date Night is the platform to start with.

Presently, they even have guided videos every Friday for virtual dating beginners to learn the dos and donts, in order for them to get more comfortable with the platform.

2. Talk2You (Android, iOS)

Talk2You is an application that can be found and downloaded on the Google Play Store, or App Store. It is a premium conversation starter for couples which will help them explore each other. This unique feature allowed us choose it amongst our 5 best online dating sites/apps.

The application possesses 360 questions spread over 10 categories like our history, dreams, everyday life, intimacy, the two of us etc. The game plan is that one person chooses the category and question, and asks it aloud to the partner.

The free Android application gives access to three (3) categories for over 100 questions. In order to unlock the rest, you’ll have to pay.

Download: Talk2You for iOS ($0.99)

Download: Talk2You for Android (Free)

3. Gottman Card Decks (Android, iOS)


The great dating app was founded by Drs. John and Julie Gottman of The Gottman Institute. They studied couples, and ended up creating the platform which helps couples get to know themselves easier, and level-up the relationship, whether new or old.

The Gottman Card Decks are a pack of 14 flashcard decks: open-ended questions, love maps, opportunity, rituals of connection, sex, give appreciation, date, “I feel”, salsa (or sex life), empathy, needs, and listening. The Gottmans note that these decks prove popular and successful in workshops on the art and science of love.

Each deck of cards has its own rules, where it prompts you and your partner to have a conversation about any of the topic chosen. The objective is to try and understand each other better, open up communication, or discover something new about your partner.

4. Love Nudge (Android, iOS)

Love Nudge is an application to help you find out what you and your partner values, and help you both show your love in ways that the other finds touching and meaningful.

Gary Chapman, the author of the Five Languages of Love, propounded that people like to receive love as quality time, words of affirmation, physical touch, acts of service, and receiving gifts. Love Nudge opens up with a quiz containing 30 questions, to enable it find out how you like and/or prefer to receive love in these five categories. After that phase, it then connects with your partner’s app, who has also taken exactly same quiz. Through acts that meet those categories, you can express your love in your partner’s language.

5. YouTube Date Night (Web)


The Dating Divas have created a free “YouTube Date Night” package to aid couples connect with each other, not minding distance or other obstacles. Download and print out the free PDF before you start, and cut the tasks and keep them ready.

It is completely free, and it contains lots of amazing features for you to try out with your lover.

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