2021 welcomes Twitter’s new Verification system. Earn your badge

November 25, 2020 by No Comments

Twitter has officially announced that its verification process system will be made available once more from next year 2021. 2021 welcomes Twitter’s new verification system. Earn your badge

The verification has been paused since 2017, meaning you cannot submit to them to earn that little blue badge. If you visit the companies page, you will find it written that its verified account program is on hold and we are not accepting any new requests at this time.

However, a new verification system has been put in place and will be release next year 2021.

While we await the new verification system coming 2021, Twitter seeks feedback on a draft proposal for verification.

Unless the verification system changes much from the already existing ones, only the following accounts are liable to get verified. These accounts include government accounts, companies, brands, nonprofits, news media accounts, entertainment, sports, activists, organizers, and what Twitter refers to as “other influential individuals.” Also, the said accounts must meet the minimum standard by Twitter’s verification policy. You should also be aware that certain actions can lead to the loss of your verified badge.

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